Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weekly Update from CCM

Good morning, students!  Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ on this frigid Tuesday!  Our prayers especially with all of our freshmen as they register for classes today for freedom from anxiety.  Today is also the memorial of the dedication of the Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul in Rome.  Let us pray to these two saints that the faith espoused by the Apostles be alive in our hearts this day.

Here is this week's schedule...

Adoration in the chapel from noon till 12:30.  Thirty minutes of silent prayer time before the Lord.

Community Table volunteer service from 3:30-6:00.  Meet at CCM by 3:15 to ride over with us.  

Small Group Scripture Study from 6:30-7:30 in the Balsam Lobby.  Open to all (bring a friend)!

Vespers (Evening Prayer) in the chapel at 6:00pm.

Supper @ the Center from 6:30-8:30.  Olivia is making a special spaghetti recipe for us, which you don't want to miss.  Our program after dinner will be led by Pasquale.  The topic is "The Meaning of Life."  Do you know your purpose?  What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?  (Hint: It's not "42"). 

Adoration in the chapel from noon till 12:30.

Small Group Scripture Study from 5:30-6:30 on the UC Balcony (or inside if it is too cold). Invite a friend!

Our very own Joseph Coca's senior recital is this Friday in Coulter at 2:30.  Let's all come to show our support!

This Friday is also the start of our College Discipleship Retreat in Black Mountain.  Those who signed up for the retreat should receive an email later today with information.  Please pray for all students on retreat this weekend.

Confession/Rosary at 3:30.
Mass at 4:00.

Special "Byzantine Advent" presentation at St. Mary's from 5:30-6:30.  Instead of our usual Credo discussion this week we are taking a field trip!  Immediately after Mass everyone is invited to ride with us to St. Mary's to hear a special presentation by Fr. Deacon Matthew Hanes, a deacon in the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Rite, serving the St. Basil the Great mission parish in Charlotte.  Fr. Deacon will be speaking about the customs and traditions of celebrating Advent in the Eastern Churches.  This talk will be an excellent way for us to begin to prepare for our own observance of Advent, which will begin the following Sunday.

Simply Stitched meets at Alex Cassell's house from 8:00-9:30.  Meet at CCM by 7:45 if you need a ride over.

Thanksgiving break!  Our regular weekly schedule will by and large be suspended the week of Thanksgiving break. However, we will still have Adoration on Tuesday and provide service to Community Table that afternoon if anyone is still around and can help!

St. Nicholas Party!  Father Voitus is inviting us again to join him at his rectory for a St. Nicholas party the evening of Friday, Dec. 5.  We are still working out the details so stay tuned for a time.

Today is the optional memorial of the dedication of the Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul.  These basilicas are built upon the tombs of these Apostles.  Because of the primacy of St. Peter, and the prominence of the ministry of St. Paul to the Gentiles, the See of Rome has always enjoyed a primacy of authority in the Church.  To learn a little more about the history of these two basilicas and why we celebrate their dedication, click on this link.

Defend your Church, O Lord, by the protection of the holy Apostles, that, as she received from them the beginnings of her knowledge of things divine, so through them she may receive, even to the end of the world, an increase in heavenly grace. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son. who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

WCU Catholic Campus Ministry
Matthew Newsome, MTh, campus minister
(828)293-9374  |   POB 2766, Cullowhee NC 28723

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