Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CCM Leadership

As we approach the end of the semester, the Peer Ministry Council and I start to think about the leadership team here at CCM and what it's going to look like the next semester.  Peer Ministry Council is a group of students who regular and active participants in CCM activities, who are dedicated to building their relationship with Christ and to helping others do the same, and who have made the commitment to help plan and organize CCM activities for the semester.  We meet together once per week, and they also help advise me, the campus minister, on other matters relating to campus ministry.

This semester, we have had seven students on the Peer Ministry Council who have been responsible for putting on our Wednesday night programs, for planning our fall beach retreat, and also for leading the four different small group scripture studies we have going on each week.  It's been a lot for them (especially on top of classes and other clubs and organizations they are involved in), but they have done a fantastic job.

To try and make things less stressful for the Peer Ministers, and also to expand the opportunities for leadership, I have decided for the spring semester to do something a little different.  I would like to have a greater number of Peer Ministers, but subdivide the Peer Ministry Council into different leadership roles.  Students agreeing to be a Peer Minister would agree to participate in one or more of these roles, as they feel they can commit the time.  Those Peer Ministry Roles are:

The small group leader not only attends a small group weekly, but is also responsible for planning the group, including meeting time and location, scripture focus and discussion questions, as well as facilitation of the group discussion (making sure everyone has a chance to contribute, no one dominates the conversation, the group stays on focus, and so forth).  Each small group leader would ideally be partnered with another small group leader.  You can expect to spend at least one hour per week planning, in addition to actual small group time.

The program leader is primarily responsible for putting on our Wednesday night programs.  Depending on the number of program leaders, each may only personally be responsible for two or three Wednesdays, but every program leader is expected to give ideas and help plan each week as needed.  Planning a Wednesday program does not necessarily mean doing it all yourself - it can mean bringing in a speaker, or asking another student to give a talk, lead a prayer or other activity.  Our Wednesday night programs are a mix of catechesis, prayer, and social activities.

In addition, each program leader will be asked to come up with at least one "extracurricular" activity during the semester, such as a movie night, prayer service, road trip to St. Lawrence Basilica, service project, etc.

Members of the retreat team will serve on a committee to help plan and put on our retreat for the semester.  This committee will require fairly little time commitment for most of the semester, but intense time commitment in the weeks leading up to the retreat.

As I said above, these three subcommittees within the Peer Ministry Council are not mutually exclusive.  For example, someone can be a small group leader and also serve on the retreat planning team.  Someone who can commit the time can agree to do all three!  Or you may feel more comfortable committing to just one area.

Please think about how you may be able to give of your time and talent to make CCM a better place next semester.  If you feel that you'd like to be a member of Peer Council, please let me know you are interested, and in what area, and we will discuss the details further.

Thanks and God Bless!

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