Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekly Update from CCM

Good afternoon, students!  Christ is Risen, Alleluia!  The weather lately has been perfect for helping us say, with the psalmist, "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!"  I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy it.

Our schedule for this week...

Please join us for a home cooked meal at 6:30pm.  If the weather is nice again, we can eat outside.  Rebecca has a fun game night planned for us this week, so come relax with us, and enjoy one another's company.  You deserve a break!

Eucharistic Adoration from 6-7pm.  (See more below).

Those of you going on the retreat this weekend will be leaving from the Catholic Student Center at 5:30pm.  Please be on the lookout for an email today with more information.

Rosary at 7:00pm.  Mass at 7:30pm.

Spring cleaning!  On Wednesday, April 17, we will have a film crew from the Diocese visiting up to film a brief segment for an upcoming video which will include campus ministry.  And they have chosen WCU to feature!  We want to be looking out best, so next Tuesday is spring cleaning day!  Please stop by any time between 11 and 3pm to help us out.  Yard work, litter pick up from the parking lot, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and anything else that we can do to help make our center sparkle will be appreciated!  If you can't come between those hours but want to come by early or late to see what help you can offer, please feel free!

On April 20, WCU is once more organizing a Tuckaseegee river clean up day.  I'd like to get a group from CCM to participate.  It would start at 11am.  Please let me know if you are interested, and keep an eye on our Facebook page.

We are very blessed to be able to offer Eucharistic Adoration on a regular basis in our chapel.  This semester it has been Thursday evenings from 6-7pm.  Usually it's just a few people there.  If you are one of those who sees it in the schedule each week and wonders, "What is that all about?" please allow me to share some information taken from the University of Notre Dame's campus ministry web site.

Adoration: What is it?

Simply put, Adoration is prayer. Adoration is worship of Jesus Christ, who is fully present under the appearance of bread at Mass and reserved in tabernacles in Catholic churches and chapels. At Adoration, Jesus comes to meet us in a unique way, face-to-face. Adoration is a time for us to pray, to listen, and to be in his presence.

Where did it come from?

The Bible. After Christ instituted the Eucharist and celebrated the first Mass at the Last Supper, He took his disciples to the Mount of Olives and invited them to stay awake with him, praying there in vigil for what was to come. Christ gave to the disciples, and to all Christians, this pattern of prayer. Jesus' question to his disciples, "Could you not keep watch for one hour?" Could you not keep watch with me? (Mark 14:37) is the same question he asks us today.

How does Eucharistic Adoration relate to my life?

Whether it is homework, service work, faith, athletics, a relationship, friendships, or fun, everything you do can be rooted in Christ through spending time with him in Eucharistic Adoration. Pope John Paul II reiterated Vatican II's proclamation, that the Eucharist is "the Source and Summit of the Christian life." Eucharistic Adoration nourishes us, inspires us, and gives us the strength and grace to make Christ relevant, whether in our school work, our leisure time, our relationships, or our service to those who are in need. By spending time with Jesus in Adoration, we are made more mindful of Him and His presence with us throughout our day.

How is it different than Mass or private prayer in my dorm room?

Prayer can be done at anytime, anywhere, by anyone, and can take on a myriad of forms. You can always find and make time for prayer.

Mass is the perfect prayer. When we gather as a community at Mass, we celebrate God's gift to the Church in giving us his Son. By the words of the priest and through the power of the Holy Spirit, the bread and wine offered at the altar become Jesus' Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. Jesus' Real Presence remains in the Eucharist, which is reserved in the tabernacle following Mass. Outside of Mass, people are always welcome at any time to pray in our churches and chapels in the presence of Christ.

Eucharistic Adoration is that time set aside when the Eucharist is "exposed" (placed in a monstrance on the altar) so that the faithful may see, pray, and adore our Risen Lord, present under the appearance of simple bread. Jesus is just as present in the tabernacle as in the monstrance, but many believers find comfort and peace when they are able to pray while looking upon Jesus exposed in the monstrance.

What do I do there?

Pray. When you walk into the chapel, you will find resources to help you pray. Sometimes you might read Scripture. You might pray the Rosary or another favorite devotional prayer. You are welcome to bring spiritual reading with you. You also might simply have a conversation with Jesus, telling him about your day, about your needs, and giving him time to speak to your heart. You can also simply engage the silence, waiting and listening for our God to speak in your life.

If Eucharistic Adoration is something you are interested in, but Thursday from 6-7 does not work (you have a class, etc), please do let me know when a better time might be -- after all, there is no rule that says we can only offer it once per week!  And if you cannot stay for the whole hour, even just a few minutes with the Lord can mean so much.  After all, He is timeless.

God bless, and enjoy the day!
Pax Christi,

WCU Catholic Campus Ministry
Matthew Newsome, MTh, campus minister
(828)293-9374  |   POB 2766, Cullowhee NC 28723

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