Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly update from CCM

Dear Students,

As you are all engaged in your exams this week, let me simply take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all of you who have contributed so much to Catholic campus ministry here, and who make it such an every-day joy to be your campus minister.  We have made some wonderful new friends this semester, and we also have the bittersweet occasion to say "good bye and God speed" to friends who are leaving us for the next great chapter in their lives (you know who you are!).  We pray that you continue to flourish, to grow in God's grace, and that you share His great love with all whom you meet in your journey.

As for the rest of us, there are some exciting things happening in our campus ministry next semester!  Here are some important dates to keep in mind:
JAN 13-15: Ski weekend in Boone.  (You need to sign up by the end of this semester if you want to go on this -- email me for more information).
JAN 21-24:  March for Life in Washington, DC.  Contact Alex Cassell for more info.  alcassell1@catamount.wcu.edu
FEB 10-12: Give Your Heart Away service weekend in Hickory.  (More info here.  I have registration forms in my office).
APRIL 20-22:  TENTATIVE date for a college retreat hosted by the Fransiscan Friars of the Renewal.  Location TBA.

We have other great things happening next semester, as well, including a new pro-life initiative on campus involving Live Action and volunteering to support the local Pregnancy Care Center.  To be involved with that effort, please contact Sarah Taylor at setaylor3@catamount.wcu.edu.

We also would like to encourage anyone out there who feels called to "sing a new song to the Lord" or even just "make a joyful noise" to consider being part of our student choir.  Music is a big part of how we worship, as Catholics, but it can only happen with your help.  Please pray over the break if this is a ministry which God is calling you to.  If you can help with music at Mass, I ask that you please contact Joseph Coca at acksno@live.com and get involved!  

Also, if anyone is interested in serving in any other capacity at Mass (as altar server, reader, or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion), please let me know, as I will be drawing up the new schedules for the Spring Semester over break.  If you are not trained in any of these areas, but would like to be, we can do that for you!

And finally, parking stickers for the spring semester for the student center lot are now available.  Parking on our lot is only $50 per semester.  If you'd like to get your's taken care of before you head home, come by the center this week.  

My prayers are with all of you during the exam week.  Please drive safe heading home, and have a wonderful Advent and Christmas season!

Prayer Before a Test

My God, enable me to trust in the good outcome
      of the test I am about to take;
      help me to contribute my own share
      of optimism and confidence.
With your grace, my God,
      I hope to crown my efforts with success.
Keep far from me at this moment
      any presumption that it all depends
      exclusively on me.
You are next to me, my God,
      the necessary and welcome presence
      in all the moments of my life.
I will take this test, my God,
      because it is important
      for my personal development.
My God, be the source of my inspiration
      in my doubts and uncertainties,
      supporting me with your blessing.


WCU Catholic Campus Ministry
Matthew Newsome, MTh, campus minister
(828)293-9374  |   POB 2766, Cullowhee NC 28723

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