Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cardinal Egan on the right to life

I wanted to share these elegant (and utterly common sensical) words of New York Archbishop Cardinal Egan, from a statement he issued this past Aug. 26. Those who claim that the morality of abortion is for "theologians" to debate, or that Christians are trying to "legistlate their faith" on the rest of society should pay heed.....



We are blessed in the 21st century with crystal-clear photographs andactionfilms of the living realities within their pregnant mothers. No one withtheslightest measure of integrity or honor could fail to know what thesemarvelous beings manifestly, clearly, and obviously are, as they smileandwave into the world outside the womb.

In simplest terms, they are human beings with an inalienable right tolive,a right that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is bound todefendat all costs for the most basic of ethical reasons. They are not partsoftheir mothers, and what they are depends not at all upon the opinions oftheologians of any faith. Anyone who dares to defend that they may belegitimately killed because another human being "chooses" to do so orforany other equally ridiculous reason should not be providing leadershipin acivilized democracy worthy of the name.

Edward Cardinal EganArchbishop of New York
August 26, 2008

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